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The following is excerpted from “Cracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales


On occasion, online forums reflect heated discussions on whether a brag book holds value or not.  Much like the rest of the interviewing and job-search process, the book is only valuable if the interviewer perceives it to be. What that means is, not everyone will see a brag book as an important asset when introduced within an interview. 

Should I exert my time to put one together?

Your time is yours to give or not.  The real question should be are you willing to take the chance of not having a brag book if there’s even one person that requests it. Although not every interviewer will be interested in viewing the book, the importance of having one available can reflect your thorough and attentive nature. 


If you’re just not sure, and you have your sights set on a specific company, you can speak with one or two of the company’s reps before making a final decision to exert your time. 

What should be encompassed in the book?

Think of the brag book as an extension of your resume. Your book can be as light or extensive as you wish, although the real task will be keeping it up to date.  It will contain complementary career material, such as letters, certificates, and other paperwork not seen otherwise.  It shouldn’t be a catchall portfolio, however.  Ensure that it’s clean, organized, and houses current documentation.


Potential brag book contents:


Awards from the last few years


Recognition letters from superiors


Recommendation letters from previous employers


Detailed list of sales achievements that wouldn’t fit into your resume


Continuing education certificates


Non-confidential, personally cultivated sales spreadsheets

How should this information be presented?

The documentation should be professional and not necessarily in a book format. In fact, you can utilize something as simple as a colored folder or a slightly more costly, bound and professionally printed/catalogued pamphlet. The choice is yours. 

What if I have no sales experience? Do I still need a brag book?

It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile for those just-in-case circumstances. A new graduate, for example, can present awards received from college, copies of letters from faculty, fraternity/sorority documentation, and lists of volunteer work/ organizational involvement that wouldn’t fit in the final resume.

Author: Teena Rose
About the Author:
My name is Teena Rose, probably one of the best resume writers you'll find on the Internet today. I state this not because of my credentials or my years in business, but for the results I generate for my clients. My clients are some of the happiest, most successful, and most progressing employees "on the block."

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