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Sell At Your Full Price, Avoid Giving Away Profits

Author: Art Sobczak

It's an age-old dilemma: salespeople dropping their price at the first sign of resistance, or request for a better price. And the ones who do it, who cave in to price statements and questions, give away pure profit. Usually, needlessly. But perhaps they d

Proposals that Wow Prospects

Author: Tom Sant

Recently a major corporation invited six consulting firms to make one-hour pitches for an EDI project. Five followed the same basic presentation: -Company background and experience -Project team members and their qualifications, -Comments about b

Just Follow Up!

Author: Keith Rosen

My wife and I were about to undertake our last remodeling project. Being a consummate consumer, I wanted several qualified companies to bid on our next project. After calling ten contractors, I scheduled an appointment with the five that called back.

In Sales, What Differentiates The Top 5% Achievers

Author: Jonathan Farrington

As you can imagine, I am often asked by sales leaders, anxious to recruit the best salespeople they can afford, just what is it that makes a consistently top performer, what are their characteristics, where are their strengths, and what differentiates the

Selling a Price Increase

Author: Mark Hunter

Even the most sales savvy among us have been there: fighting back the nerves that materialize whenever we are faced with telling a customer about a price increase.

Reviving Prospects who Disappear into "The Black Hole"

Author: Jill Konrath

Have you ever had hot prospects who suddenly stopped returning your call? Then you know how disconcerting it can be - especially when they'd expressed so much interest in your product or service only days before.

4 Reasons Your Prospects Don’t Turn into Clients

Author: Shama Hyder

A perceived risk is the number one thing that stops prospects from turning into clients. Here are the top four reasons why people don’t buy:

At the Sound of the Beep... the Basics of Leaving a Voicemail

Author: Tim Wackel

I always get a big chuckle when sales people call my office to prospect for new business. I’m amazed at the fundamental lack of research, amused by their haphazard preparation and surprised that they actually believe their approach has any chance of wor

Top 5 Tips for New Sellers

Author: Jill Konrath

I was recently asked, "If you were mentoring a new salesperson, what would be your top five sales tips and how did you learn those?" Good question! It really got me thinking. There are so many things I'd like to tell a new seller. But what are the mos

Customer Relationships are Recession Busters

Author: Kevin Eikenberry

This article is about two things: recessions and a solution to them.

What Sales People Need in a Down Economy

Author: Paul Johnson

It takes a special something to sell in a down economy. Unless sales people are properly equipped, it's easy for them to get discouraged and give up, perhaps before they even get started.

Sales Strategies of Six Figure Salespeople

Author: Tim Connor

It is unfortunate today that many sales people are still following the 'old standard' of planning their sales calls. Here are the philosophies and attitudes that are being used by successful people of today and superstars of tomorrow.

Effective Client Communication

Author: Paul McCord

Whether you know it or not, your past clients are your best source of new clients. If you find a way to increase your pipeline without the time committment and expense of prospecting, would you be willing to implement it?

The Most Underutilized Strategic Advantage - References

Author: Lee B. Salz

Sales people are always looking for a way to differentiate themselves to win an account. Few use one of the most powerful tools in their bag - the right reference. Here are the ways to avoid selling your product as a commodity.

7 Phrases You Can’t Say in Sales if You Want to Succeed

Author: Doug Smart

As you read the seven phrases that you should never use in sales, think of yourself as a buyer, not a sales person. These phrases can degrade what could be a great sale down to a pedestrian transaction or they scare off your buyer altogether.

Increase Your Sales by Avoiding the #1 Prospecting Mistake

Author: Alan Rigg

There are advantages to focusing on problems rather than solutions when it comes to sales. The best sales people find what the prospects' problems are long before they dive into explaining the benefits of their product which will create a level of trust f

Bet You Don't Know The One Key To Sales Greatness!

Author: Chuck Gallagher

Never have I seen a truly great sales person achieve on a consistent basis without having that one quality. This quality appears in few people from few industries only when no one has to hold their hand or micro-manage them. Do you have this quality?...

How to Build a Productive Sales Pipeline

Author: Steve Martinez

When a master gardener lays the foundation for a lawn of garden sprinkler system, they plan the pipeline down to trenches. The gardener starts out with a map of where the want the water to go. The same is true with sales except it will be your contacts th

Confused Sales Prospects Do Not Buy

Author: Wendy Weiss

You are the expert of your product. Customers only know what you explain to them. The best sales people learn how to explain their product to prospects with simplicity that creates a level of understanding and trust, especially for the confused customer..

11 Rules for Selling to a Skeptic

Author: William R. Patterson, Vicky Therese Davis, D. Marques Patton

Let's face it: the greatest accomplishment for a member of the sales community is closing a deal with a skeptic. Lucky for us, plenty of doubters buy products and services everyday. Here are some fundemental techniques used by those who succeed in persuad

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Author: Peter Newfield


Brian Tracy University

Author: Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy University courses give you the tools you need to get better results, increase your income, improve your productivity and move to the top of your field.

Effective Sales Interviews: Using Key Sales Performance Indicators to ‘See if the Shoe Fits’

Author: Jeff Hardesty

In competitive industries, sales employee turnover water runs deep, averaging 30-70% per year. That results in a measureable hard dollar cost. With proper strategies, process and support tools, that cost can be minimized, and it all starts with the interv

Online Resumes - Do's and Don'ts

Author: Anna Jones

Since much job-hunting these days is done by means of the computer, it only makes sense that job-seekers would want to post and transmit their resumes online. It can be time-efficient, convenient, and cheap, making it a job-hunter’s dream. Yet, as you m


Author: Michael Brooke, Ph.D

Most people make poor decisions as they hire the person they think they are going to like rather than the right person. Money spent at the front end is likely to be far less than money spent getting rid of the wrong person.

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